Saturday, February 18, 2012


Well, this is my first time to ever make a blog or anything like it, so I'm a little nervous actually.  I made this blog to help promote my cosplaying and to help other cosplayers around the world. I will share my trials, my errors, my hard work and I will proudly share my successes! And if I get any followers (or is it called subscribers? Waah, I'm such a newb!) I will start making tutorials on makeup, different cosplays and props and other helpful stuff. I also want to do reviews on circle lenses and wigs, but this all depends on YOU! Yes, you, the one reading this (which I'm really grateful for, thanks for stopping by!). Do you think this sounds good? I'm I the blogger to watch this season? Then please, follow me (or subscribe, or watch or.. omg, I have to get a grip. I need to study the world of blogging!). I created a deviantArt account about a month ago, so if your curious about me, you should take a look here. And btw, I go by the name Rirukuo, or Riru. Nice to meet you! :D And just one more thing! I'm a HUGE anime and manga fan, do I'll probably write a bit about that, too.
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Riru

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